Interactive Sound – Wave experiments

February 5, 2008

Find and use waves to generate sound. Basic oscillations in Max/MSP can be generated with the ~cycle object – which other ones can you find or develop? Push your waves into the extreme time and level domains discussed in the Roads reading (also note how the digital domain works with and against you in doing so).

Two sinusoidal waves added together, one at frequency 200, the other at 100 – listen

The same two, multiplied – listen

Sinusoidal wave at 200Hz added to one at 208Hz, point where rhythmic effect appears – listen

Two sine waves at 200Hz, the one informing the phase of the other (improperly recorded) – listen

Sine wave at 200Hz, phased from 0 to 1 over 70(ms?), looped, multiplied to unchanged 200Hz sine wave. – listen


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