Noise Hunt

March 10, 2008

Search for noise. Take any short sound (probably in .wav or .aif format, possibly others, but mp3 does not work well), and open it in a text editor such as BBEdit. You will see more or less garbage. Leaving aside the first hundred characters or so (which contain header information about the file) edit the file in any way you see fit. Cut and paste sections from one place to another. Rearrange lines. Reverse or sort sections of text. Munge it with a perl script. Paste in an email.

Some edits will have more interesting results than others. Many edits may have no result, or make your file unplayable – be persistent. Continue incrementally until the source material is unrecognizable.

1. Original sound/Noisified (using ‘find and replace’, a very subtle hiss was added).

2. Original sound/Noisified (yet more find/replacement, with larger areas and more random)

3. Original sound (Jeremy Irons reading ‘Lolita’)/Noisified(1), (2) (Latter using repeated symbols to ‘compose’)

4. Original sound (Bob Dylan’s “Idiot Wind”) /Noisified(1),(2) (First composing with text patterns, then excessive find/replace until almost completely unrecognizable

5. Original sound (Sonic Youth’s “Providence”)/Noisified (Replacing one character turned this into total sheets of unrecognizable noise)

6. Original sound (Isaac Matafwani’s “Eko Bali Mukanina Bamayo”)/Noisified (same effect, total noise).


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